Retching On All Fours

by Horse Fashion

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released December 30, 2013

Produced by Rob Bours, Studio 58
Mastered by Maarten van Helden, Tubefreak Mastering



all rights reserved


Horse Fashion Eindhoven, The Netherlands

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Track Name: A Battle Begins
Behind these fences burning bodies spread their kiss
always lethal and detestable
we're wandering from the flames to the abyss
I did not wish for this, why would you favor this?

Plucked from home without a care, without consent
incinerated and reduced
to a state of decay and discontent
a break we cannot mend, a schism to prevent

Please don't ruin our fates
Please don’t open those gates
to the city of woe
our sphere of sorrow

Please don’t bankrupt our love
please don’t give it that shove
I will never follow
a heart that’s hollow

and as we spy on the wretched urchins through a crack
I feel your hands around my neck
we can't defend against an internal attack
well you can steer this wreck, I'm never coming back

please don’t soil our truce
please don’t tighten that noose
when the war drums come banging
don’t leave me hanging
Track Name: Mincing Vanities Of Empty-headed Girls
Honey stop building fencing walls
You already own castle misery
I'm sure no one else wants this place
No one inherits its mysteries
You can invite people to fairs and feasts but when the bellies are full they will pack up and leave
Honey stop building fencing walls
Stop hiding yourself away from me

I remember the day we rode out to sit by the old wishing well
But the road was wilder than before and then your poor horse tripped and fell
And I tried everything that I could but you wouldn't get up and get back on that horse
It's the day that Changed everything, the day that you started to sob and dwell

Honey when you first found this place no one had been here for years
You boarded up the windows and doors just to shut out all your fears
But no matter how many layers of planks you use they always trickle back in through the cracks
So you just built another wall using those old bricks your sweat and all of those fears

no matter how many fears you shut out those castle doors
There will be a new one every year to tear down the wall of the year before
Where did you get the idea that they come from outside of this fortress you built for yourself
No they come from inside of here, they come from inside of your cell

Honey stop building fencing walls, you already own castle misery
Track Name: The Body That Wouldn't Sink
Reflections of the flames in the lake, make no mistake
I prepared for this day since the time that you said I looked so sad.
I wasn't sad at all I was angry at the pity that you felt for
sad looking jake, anger and hate took the sadness away
as I burned all the tracks that I left here today
the shadows now play out a final act to your fucking play

How they dance and sway
As you hope and pray
That come the day
I will also take your life away

Descriptions of the past in my book, here take a look
I've got demons to slay for they came from the pits at the Ritz
They aren't new you see they're just phantoms of the earthquake that you
caused when you crying shook, I shall be found below the rubble and clay
with your ghost as my host I just might feel okay
I simply cannot wait until you die gently of old age

How they dance and sway
As you hope and pray
for better days
guess who's gonna take your life away?

Illusions about peace in my mind, cannot rewind
got more problems than Jay, no one's got more dillemmas than me
I'm looking for your grave, need to tell you 'bout the guild I feel now
That the stars are aligned, anger and hate have made room for decay
for your urn is the friend that I've got here today
the shadows now stray like some wolves that I cannot keep at bay

How you danced and swayed
Feintly hoped and prayed
on that fateful day
I took our rotten lives away
I dragged your limbless corpse away
and hid your body in the quay
Track Name: Blessed Are The Blessed
wishes are fuel for the boorish
desires are fire to the fuel
below the frail fins of the swordfish
the landmines are threatening the school

when all the outcomes seem hopeless
just bow your head, act resigned
the light that gleams through the dimness
will beam down and render you blind

that fleeing, tingling sensation
of getting knocked into a wall
the legoes that hold your foundation
are just building you up to fall

has the world even considered us
or any of of the goals that we seek
'cause bliss and all things felicitous
(are) unique to the the meek and the weak

snakes rip the eyes out of sparrows
their pride is misunderstood
the world tears apart the conductor
(Of) the little engine that could

(I'm) ready for you, imminent guillotine
ready to leap to the floor
the carpet of asphalt below is just a trampoline
it and I have an excellent rapport

the razor, the rope and the other props
make for a dashing decor
my blood will trickle like dewdrops
rotting the earth to its core

I am a Pilgrim
just more of a Billy than a Scott
Track Name: Sledgehammer Harry
They call him sledgehammer Harry
'Cause every night he goes around the hood with a very
Heavy-handed hammer to use
On kids that can't sleep at night
Kids who keep on the light
He will come and close their eyes

Brave jittery jerry
Went to bed and started to cry for his daddy
Then he went to bed and soiled his sheets
Little did jerry know
What lurked out in the snow
Wish he'd picked up taikwondo

And sweet little Mary
Went to bed after her dad had told her a scary
and Saddening story bout a ghost
She couldn't sleep through the night
and then she turned on the light
Did we mention the hammer's size?